Welcome to Earth Chapter 1

This is  a science Fiction Story In a blog format of a Demon trapped in our world trying to survive and the scientists trying to find him.

This is my story.  It is my voyage from a peaceful existence in the underworld to a place that i am unfamiliar with that hates me. I miss the savage beauty of my lands but i am digressing it started like any other day had I known what would happen I would have stayed home. I took my tark, a beautiful green tailless dragon-like lizard, out for a run. You have to do that to keep them in shape. I was enjoying the cloudy dark sky’s and the savage lava plains when a hole like space opened in front of us. My tark screamed a shrill high pitched scream ,bucked me off  and ran away leaving me to the mercy of the holes pull and try as i might i could not fight against it. It sucked me in and i found myself on the other side of a strange world in a square building surrounded by pale and brown skinned humanoids with no horns. They spoke a strange language and pointed these sticks at me. I growled at the ones pointing the sticks and one of the humanoids holding  one of the sticks pointed it at me. It made a noise and made a hole in the wall beside me.  I then knew that the sticks were dangerous so i attacked  slashing my claws at them, drawing blood and found that they were actually quite slow in comparison to me so it was easy to disarm them and flee the room. by breaking down the door which i did not know how to open. I ran out of the building and was instantly blinded by the sun there was no cloud covering protection. My eyes watered and i stumbled trying to find a place to hide while more of these strange humanoids screamed and pointed at me. I heard a noise of one of their sticks and squinted my eyes so i could see better and ran, i kept running past buildings and strange metal boxes that they rode in.  Ducking in a dark corner and climbing a wall to a roof I ran on top of the buildings until i found what looked like a forest and  and climbed down. i hid in it by climbing the tallest tree with my claws. I sat there shivering (because it is cold) and wondering how i got here and how i would get back home. I pulled some branches together and made a crude nest and fell asleep wondering what to do next.

Possibilities Chapter 6

I went to work this morning hoping for better news. Still no word on any sightings of the creature that came through the portal. The portal itself still stubbornly refused to act like anything but a miniature kind of black hole. There maybe some quantum physics at play that have not yet been discovered. We need to at least figure out how to reverse it so that we send the creature back and perhaps make a more permanent way for us to explore other worlds.  We did stabilize it enough to be able to see the other side and it looks exactly what the descriptions of hell would be complete with the various demons and dragons. It has dark cloud covering and lots of volcanic activity.   We are not able to sample the air at this time but I am guessing it has a higher water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), and sulfur dioxide (SO2)  content then our air does.   Probably breathable judging from the creature but not a healthy climate by any  means. It looks like it is a warmer world  from the plants we saw and the animal life, which has a more lizard like skin, which is unusual as most predictions of volcanic activity show it as having a cooling effect. It makes me wonder if they don’t have a lot of green house gases, or are closer to the sun then us. I would love to explore that world but we would need  protection  from the animal life and probably the elements as well. I would love to know if the physics in the other dimension are the same or are they different. IF they are different that might also explain why it looks like it would be a hotter world with volcano’s.

Sally has been working on this with me and she is excited at the possibilities as well. She is a very intelligent, sharp woman and she is pleasing to the eyes  but i would never tell her that. She would consider that a insult in the workplace.  I would consider it a complement but then I did not grow up being treated like a object of desire by men either. I have to admit I would not mind growing up as the object of desire by women. I guess it is really hard for someone like me to put myself in her shoes. I don’t totally understand the female psyche.  I would love to date her but that is frowned upon at work. Well I better stop day dreaming and get back to work.


Hiding in plain sight Chapter 5

It was night time that I put the mud over me to cover my skin color. My head was sore from cutting off my horns. I could still feel the stone I used cutting into it even though i had stopped using it. With the humans cloths that i stole i walked into the city and looked for what else i could use. Maybe a more permanent color solution and something to make my head resemble theirs more. I also needed to learn their language and find out how to live as one of them.  I didn’t want to have to do any of this. I wanted to go back to that place and make those people send me back to my home but they pointed those sticks at me that made noise and caused holes so they were obviously hunting me.  I walked along the street and the buildings that seemed to have goods in them were mostly closed. I saw one that had coloring supplies so i looked around for a way to get in that would not attract to much attention and found a window in the back that my claws could cut out.  Once in I looked around and thought now do i choose to be a pale one or a brown one?I picked brown because it was easier to blend into the shadows and found some coloring in a can. I had a bit of a time figuring out how to open it and when i did there was this tiny piece of plastic sticking on the top of it. I pushed it and was rewarded with a spray in my face. Well now I know how to use this thing i found something to carry it in and took several. I climbed back out through the window and hurried on to find other supplies.

Disaster Chapter 4

We lost the beast. I thought it would be easy for our crews to find him considering that he was so different. The red skin, the horns and loin cloth surely someone would have seen him but once he went to the roof tops we lost him.

This can’t be allowed I have no idea what kind of damage he could do to our ecosystem or what kind of damage it could do to him.For all I know even our water could be poisonous to him.

It also would have been nice to at least get some tissue samples so that I could study his DNA and see how closely it resembled that of our universe. What a find and presentation that would have been! If only we could some how learn each others language.

We did make the portal much much smaller so that nothing more then the size of a moth can get through while we try to adjust the settings and see why it pulled him through. Hindsight is always a good teacher too bad she can’t let you know before hand.  It acted like a mini black hole and it should not have. My calculations said that it should have acted like a doorway a bubble of sorts. I do not know what I did wrong. I hope my team can find some answers. I ,for now, am going home to have a few beers and get some sleep.

The disguise Chapter 3

I had a dream that I looked like one of them. It was a horrible dream and I woke up with a start almost stumbling out of the tree I had made a nest in. But Once I woke up completely I realized that if i was to survive in this world that is exactly what i had to do. I hated the idea of cutting off my proud horns a symbol of my virility to females but i had no choice. I climbed down and looked for a sharp stone to do the deed with. Not finding any I used a hammer stone and a anvil stone and held the stone i wished to use on it and struck it on top of it, breaking it into two pieces.  That created a sharp edge which i used to saw my horns off one at a time.  it was painful when i got to the inner core where some of the blood vessels were at but i knew that i would not bleed to death and just gritted my teeth and endured it. I did not want to attract any unwanted attention after all After I was done with all that I noticed  how hungry i was and i went hunting and i found a red furry animal with a long tail. I was able to quickly grab it and eat it but did not like all the hair on it and decided not to eat any more furry animals. Feeling thirsty since i was now full I looked for and  found a stream and got myself a drink of water and used some mud to make my skin look more like one of the brown ones. It was not very realistic but from a distance it would do. I still need clothes to wear so I found one of them walking alone one a trail and knocked him out and stole his clothing and put mine on him. I figured he would be able to get away with wearing mine easier then i would.  Besides this new world was much colder then my old one was and he was probably used to it so a loin cloth would be more suited to his kind.

It worked!! Chapter 2

Finally after years of trying to prove the multidimensional theory I have done it with this machine. I punched a hole into another dimension! What I did not count on was pulling a being from that place into ours. It acted like a mini black hole of sorts. That part was a disaster we tried to calm the beast but he acted just more scared and growled at us and one of our more superstitious guards fired at him which really set him off. What speed and strength he had. He wounded several of the guarded and disarmed all of them but none were killed which shows a high level of intelligence and compassion. He was Humanoid in appearance and very much resembled the fictional version of our devils. This makes me wonder if natural holes in dimensions don’t occur and allow beings from other places to slip into our world and that may account for some of the more wild tales of creatures that we hear about. The guards tried to follow it as it fled but it was to fast and we soon lost sight of it.  Because of it’s unusual appearance i am sure that someone will spot it and report it.